We are Teaming for Adventure! The Riverside Regional Park: Adventure in the Making project is the opportunity for a transformational change in Riverside Park on the former Riverside golf course. Riverside Park is one of the largest urban parks in Indianapolis’ historic system.

Working with the Indianapolis Parks and Recreation Department (Indy Parks) and with surrounding neighbors and the larger Indy community, the design team will produce a plan that furthers the Riverside Regional Park Master Plan vision and activates and opens the site for enjoyment and recreation through the public engagement process. One common thread we heard from the Master Plan process was that many neighbors haven’t had a reason to visit the former golf course grounds so the park open house and art opening on September 12 aims to give people a reason to visit and experience the site.  

V3 Companies, a multi-disciplinary firm with unique expertise working with the natural environment. They will utilize landscape architects, civil engineers, natural resource scientists, and surveyors to understand the site, the master plan, and public input. They will use this understanding to create a park design that  provides a nature-based recreational experience for the local community and the Central Indiana region. 

Groundwork Indy is a non-profit organization that changes places and changes lives by engaging youth in community-based projects that equitably enhance environmental, economic, and social well-being. They are headquartered in the Riverside neighborhood and have been working alongside neighbors for many years. They will utilize this relational strength and intimate knowledge to lead public engagement.  This is a new park opportunity for the surrounding neighborhoods and addressing their needs will be critical for a successful park development.

Green 3, LLC is an environmental planning and design firm founded in 2002 and is located in the Fountain Square Historic District in Indianapolis, Indiana. Over the past 18 years Green 3 has gained an award-winning reputation as a small firm with big talent. Green 3’s staff is an eclectic team of planners, ecologists, historians, and cultural resource specialists. Green 3 is providing cultural resources research and project team support for all aspects of the project.

RLR Associates is a graphic design team leading the development of the signage and wayfinding master plan to guide branding and signage across all of Riverside Regional Park. Their work will also include design for entry and wayfinding signage at Riverside Adventure Park.

Meticulous Design + Architecture was formed in 2015 as a collaborative practice of architecture, planning and construction management. Their architectural work will focus on the Central Nature Zone iconic shelter.

HCO Architects is an award-winning and nationally published architecture firm based in Indianapolis. Their architectural work will focus on the River Zone iconic shelter.

Mader Design is a landscape architecture firm whose work includes projects with civic, community, parks and recreation, education, healthcare, and commercial clients. Their design work will focus on the River and Racing Zone improvements.

JQOL is an engineering firm who works with clients to provide core solutions that can help improve lives, giving their work greater purpose and contributing to the vision of improving quality of life through engineering. They are providing site civil engineering in the River and Racing Zones, and structural engineering for the iconic shelters.

KBSO Consulting is a Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Technology Design and Energy Engineering firm providing Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing design for the project.

7NT Engineering and Roger Ward Engineering provided site data collection, including geotechnical investigation and topographical survey, respectively.


An integral part of the process will be working with surrounding neighbors and the larger Indy community to make this portion of Riverside Park a destination for everyone. By seeing the site first-hand, hearing information that has been collected and providing feedback on what they want to see, the community will help serve as designers in the plan.

steering committee

Throughout the process, a Steering Committee comprised of community advocates and technical resources will guide the project team. The Steering Committee will represent local leaders working at the neighborhood level, in schools, places of worship, environmental organizations, and at the City level.

Meeting Notes 

    • Community Advisory Committee Minutes- January 13, 2021, 10am-12pm, Download
    • Technical Advisory Committee Minutes- January 13, 2021, 2p-4p, Download
    • Technical Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda- February 17, 2021, 10a-12p Download
    • Technical Advisory Committee Minutes- April 28, 2021, 10am-12pm, Download
    • Community Advisory Committee Minutes- April 28, 2021, 2pm-4pm, Download
    • Community Advisory Committee Meeting- February 17, 2022, 2p-4p, Download

    Meeting Recordings

    February 17, 2022, 2p-4p Community Advisory Committee Meeting

    February 17, 2022, 10a-12p Technical Advisory Committee Meeting

     February 17, 2022 FRAP_TAC Meeting 

    April 28, 2021 Steering Committee Meeting

    January 13, 2021 Steering Committee Meeting

    community advisory group

    Bob Getts, Soap Box Derby

    Careena Jackson, Riverside Civic League

    Carolyn Watts, NNW-NWAQOL Governance Council Co-Chair / NW Planners

    Dave Benson, Marian University EcoLab

    David Watson

    Dean Peterson, Marian University

    Deb Lawrence, Marian University

    Derek Tow, Riverside Business Association

    Eric Miller, 16 Tech

    Esther Earbin, Riverside Civic League

    Katie Dorsey, Riverside High School

    Scott Salmon, Friends of the White River

    Michelle Brittain-Watts, Riverside Regional Park Foundation

    Nathan Smurdon, Nine13 Sports

    Nigel Long, Northwest Civic Neighborhood

    Peggy Gamlin, Riverside Civic League

    Rev. Eugene Potter, New Life Development Ministries

    Rev. Shaune Shelby, Ebenezer Baptist Church

    Rhonda Bayless, Center for Wellness of Urban Women

    Ron Rice, NNW Community Builder/Co-Chair Arts, Parks, Public Space

    Rosezalynn Sanford, CICF Ambassador - Riverside

    Sherri Brown-Webster, Rivers Edge

    Teddrick Hardy, CICF Ambassador - Haughville

    Tyrone Chandler, Rivers Edge

    Yuri Smith, Riverside Civic League

    Maunah Wadud, NW Landings Neighborhood Association

    TECHNICAL advisory group

    Andre Denman, DPW/Indy Parks Park Planning

    Brad Beaubien, Visit Indy

    Brenda Howard, DPW: Land Stewardship

    Brent Kintner, IMPD/Park Rangers

    Carmen Lethig DMD, White River Vision Plan

    Cory Kranek, DPW/Engineering

    Don Miller, DPW Land Stewardship

    Donald A. Colvin, DPW/DPR

    Gretchen Zortman, DPW/Engineering

    Jake Brinkman, DPW: Land Stewardship

    Jamaal Diaby, Indy Parks Golf Manager

    Jenny Cash, Indianapolis Parks Foundation

    John Trypus, Citizens Energy Group

    Jennifer Stansberry, Citizens Energy Group

    Julee Jacob, DPW

    Kimberly Campbell, Deputy Director of Operations & Programs

    LaShawnda Crowe-Storm, Artist

    Logan Lane, Health By Design

    Mark Taylor, DPW Maintenance

    Phyllis Boyd, Indy Parks Director

    Phyllis Hackett, Neighborhood Historian

    Ronnetta Spalding, Indy Parks/Communications

    Taylor Firestine, Health by Design

    Tony Johnson, Indy Parks/Riverside Regional Park Manager